Mahashivarathri (20th February 2020) - Mahashivarathri  was celebrated with great devotion by the staff and the students. The quadrangle was filled prayers and hymns of Lord Shiva. Smt Pallavi Dey mataji spoke about the importance of the festival and narrated the story of the hunter, who by chance missed the way back to his house. So he sat on a tree and started plucking the leaves one by one and putting it down without conscious by praying to Lord Shiva. The next morning, he saw that he had plucked the leaves and put it on the Shiva linga. Thus, Maha Shivarathri is celebrated  by praying and doing bhajans all night. The second speech was by our Kannada faculty Shivakumarji high lighting the significance of the festival. A melodious song by the students of class 5th std A section and 7th A section. Bhajan by the students  of class 5th std F section. Skit by our 4th std students made us to indulge into it, completely engrossed by the skit. The final dance by class 4th std to 6th std girls showing the epoch of Shiva. It was mesmerizing.